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Me at City Winery photo by keith griner.

John's Toast continues to create live event experiences to raise awareness for mental health.


Stay tuned for coming announcements for John's Toast Virtual and Live events we're currently exploring for 2023!

Above photo courtesy of Keith Griner

​On Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2022, use the #JohnsToast & #TheToast2022 hashtags on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter while posting a photo as you raise a glass! It's this night every year that we reflect on life, laughs and smiles. Let’s take a moment this year to be one with our hearts, one with our loved ones and one with each other.


Proceeds from past John's Toast Live events have been donated to Pivotal Moments, our partner funding EVERFI for the implementation of Mental Wellness Basics, a digital learning platform targeting middle and high school students on all aspects of their friend's and their own Mental Wellness.

Stay Tuned!

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